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We Have Our Own DEX With Charts, Logos, and NFTs. All Fees Collected From Trading On LanaDex Will Be Used To Buy Back and Burn $MOLA.


Lanamon Is Our On-Chain Tipping Bot Built For The Solana Ecosystem. Tip, Rain and Giveaway With Lanamon. It's Free and You Can Invite It To Any Discord Server.


LanaTools Is A Charting Platform Including Features for Setting Price Alerts, Viewing Pool Explorer, Tracking Liquidity, Monitoring Token Holders and So Much More.


3333 Lanamon NFT. Randomly And Programmatically Generated Lanamon NFT. Rewarding The Community And Empowering Holders.

Research And Development

Testing Solana's Tech With Style. We Will Continue To Build, Test And Deploy.

Full Community Engagement

Reward Those That Do Something To Make It Happen, Together We Shall Dominate.

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